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DF10 constantly impress me, they're a great team with brilliant actors and a talented crew and that showed here in this film. For me the only downside was the pacing felt a little off, but it was carried by some nice cinematography and fun performances by this always strong team.

enjoyed this film, had some strong performances from the actors and some nice shots. A bit of a crossover between romantic comedy and horror that worked well and when a few scenes got quite dark I thought the music and performances brought it back to its romantic comedy roots.

I got to admit, DF10 had me "breathless" by the end of it. You guys really used the Rom-Com genre effectively. I can't wait for more from DF10! :D

This could have been a 'rom-com' or a 'black comedy', not that it matters because this short does both genres pretty damn well, using the idea that the partners want to kill each other as a bait-n-switch into darker, weirder, way more awesomer territory. The lead couple deliver some great performances that power the comedy, as well as the nicely brewed tension at the end. The home invasion scene was also very nicely shot, making their spousal problems even funnier when they turn up during the "cleansing". Sure, their romantic resolution was kinda tacked on, but this short was a lot of fun regardless.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A married couple in counselling reflect on when it all started to go wrong. Some really good performances by the leads in this rom com that dips more effectively into black comedy. Loved the match-cut flashbacks, use of transitions and the overall execution of the cinematography - the back-lit sequence in particular was well done. The home invasion scene gave a bit of a nod to "The Stangers" in my mind and was suitably creepy. The ending was somewhat expected but overall a really solid short deserving of Hamilton Finals love.

A really well shot and technically sound film I thought. Lighting and music were used really well to tell the story and create the mood. I liked the twist on the Rom Com genre. The therapist realising what was going on was great. I agree the pacing felt a little off in a few places, but in 48 hours there are only a handful of folks who will nail that perfectly along with everything else (see: finalists), and you guys did a great job of this and an excellent job of everything else so well done!

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