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Waiting for Morgan

by Vertical Cinema Productions 294 views


Default Avatar pinkelephant

Best film of the heat in my opinion. The acting was awesome (best of the heat), hilarious story line and all the characters (including Morgan) were very enjoyable. Strong writing. Also strong cinematography throughout. The only let down for me was the end, the circle cinema was a bland ending to a somewhat very nice product. Really loved it though.

Default Avatar XVW_BC

This one was quite witty from the outset, and mockumentary set pieces are always going to go down a treat with me. Nice shout out to last years compulsory line (I thought I recognised it somewhere, my suspicions were confirmed post-screening); The film looked and sounded great, and was well acted. Felt nostalgia but also aversion to seeing interior shots of Victoria University's school of English, Television, Film and Media Studies... (*shivers*). I felt that we needed a bit more sample footage of Morgan's 'vertical cinema' to round this film out, but that seems like a petty complaint. Really cool!

Default Avatar pippo

Not a huge fan of the mockumentary, apart from that this was great. The ending was a bit of a letdown for me, neither here nor there I guess. Acting was awesome!

Hey VCP! Although mockumentry is not a favourite style of mine, you guys executed it VERY well. As before, VCP featured quality acting and production value. It seems others have felt the ending a little weak, but personally it seemed fitting with the character and it hit that 'cringe' nerve well. Could be up for some nominations.

Behind the scenes of a radical new cinema technology. This film had a very witty premise, and being a momentary had plenty of scope to exploit it for humor. I liked the credulousness of the main character, and I thought both the leads handled their rolls really well. I would have liked to see the actual 'vertical cinema' exploited for some laughs (noses talking to each other etc) and I felt a bit frustrated when it wasn't shown. Some of the improvised scenes slowed the pace of the film down a little to much, however the ending was really nicely timed and hit just the right note.

I really should review earlier so it sounds like I have an original thought - the lack of vertical film examples was my only disappointment to what was otherwise the best short, by far, in the two heats I attended.

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