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Long Overdue

by The Librarians 97 views


Default Avatar pinkelephant

I enjoyed the actor who needed the people dead, I thought he was really funny. It seemed as though this film was entirely pre-written to cover every possible genre which is an effort in itself. Good commitment by the leading lady, I thought she was very commendable. It was quite funny in parts but somewhat of a weak story line. I didn't really like the boss character either, just thought he was kind of unnecessary. Well done though team.

Default Avatar XVW_BC

I liked the concept of this film, and I identified heavily with the portrayal of the university library as the hellish home of misery... However I wasn't too into the music side of things here, and the way the plot was enacted seemed a little clunky. The song writing / lyrics / dialogue was pretty cleverly constructed, but I felt the film didn't offer a whole lot visually

Default Avatar pippo

Good effort at a hard genre and glad that the sound at the beginning was fixed as it was way too loud! glad to see a musical that had music all the way through. The story was ok but just didn't really do it for me as a whole.

I thought this film had a really witty plot which covered all the bases well. Unfortunately it was let down by a lot of technical shortcomings; the mastering on the (obviously talented) leading lady's singing made it quite hard to make out what she was singing, and the violent scenes just came off comical sadly. That said, I don't want to sound over-hash, I think most of the frustration comes from thinking your plot was great and wishing I could see a fully-realized version of this film!

Default Avatar Squeezebox

A fair effort for a musical / darkcomedy / romance (with a library?) / slasher film. Musicals are tough to make but also tough to watch sometimes, particularly in the typical broadway style. Having said that the songs were solidly written and unfolded the story well, and the lead really belted them out with sass! She didn't really strike me as a liar however (more a turncoat) and the premise of burning the library down was a bit weak despite the funny dude who summoned the demon Morgan to do it.

Team Name > The Librarians, Shoot Location > Library, Storyline > Becoming a Librarian = Genius! All this on top of the musical genre, with a pretty good storyline too. Well done guys, I really enjoyed it (with the exception of the levels at the beginning, though potentially this could have been that the volume in the theater had been cranked up for the previous short - I expect the projectionist must have a nightmare trying to balance volume in all the shorts)

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