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Blow-Up Love

by Danger Zone Films 1,655 views


What a great fun film, with some funny, heart warming moments performed brilliantly. The first Morgan IS the ball film of the night as well. Sorry about the DQ

Hey guys...what a great concept. Loved the double twist on the Romance genre and you used some typical "romance" genre elements. Well done. What a shame we couldn't vote for you. I laughed so much. Thanks heaps.

Default Avatar casualzebra

This film was really well made. The storyline was funny and original and the acting was superb.

Very well made film, chocked full of humour, craziness, some great acting, and a great way to approach the genre. The ball idea is fantastic. Really well done on the film!

Default Avatar Andrew Lyall

The initial scene with the would be couple didn't match up in film making quality, but the rest followed suit. From a technical standpoint, you had many low light shots which were very well done. As a story, I loved it, and the metaphorical references to discrimination through this ball (amazing prop use by the way) were great. I was so sorry to see the DQ but I'll be looking out for Danger Zone films next year!

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