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Default Avatar arobins3

Loved the concept. Laugh out loud moments, and a great response from the audience on the night. I thought the animating wire / arm in shot added to the humor, but watch out for that sort of thing next time.

For the majority of this movie, to be perfectly honest, I was disinterested. Poor camera, lighting and sound meant my understanding of the story was shaky at best. Your song was funny but was really a one joke gag. But your final shot made up for it all. All of a sudden the story made sense and the earlier humour just served to highlight the deeper emotions of the ending. Where this film stands up is in the re-watch. Once you know the ending you could see your earlier hints at it. Your concept was great and some of the humour worked very well. Like I said though, your technical side really let you down. Invest some time in learning effective camera, lighting, sound and editing. I'll also admit that musical is a very difficult genre. Especially if you're not prepared for it. This team showed talent, and I look foward to your future films as serious competitors in the finals.

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