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The Narrator

by Refined Sugar 692 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A young man explains how, as a result of watching March of the Penguins, he wants to be a narrator just like Morgan Freeman. He decides he'll narrate his brother's life. This was one of the best looking films of the heat. There was good shot variety, it was well edited and the sound quality was mostly OK. Likewise the acting was good with the leads exhibiting a very natural chemistry. Some of the darker scenes were a bit grainy, however and towards the end, the audio sync seemed to be out. It was a quirky idea that reminded me briefly of "Only Son". Unlike that ghost story however, I'm sure the big brother in this could have just beaten the snot out of his little brother to make him stop! That would have denied us some funny moments though! A pretty good film that Refined Sugar should be proud of. Well done!

Default Avatar videoamp1969

One of my favourites of the heat. You did a great job and it had a clever storyline. The audience really liked it and you tied it in nicely at the end. A solid film. Your intro was great too.

Some of what I enjoyed: Loved your intro music. That tea party looked amazing. Fantastic story line. Awesome writing. Great performance from Morgan and his brother. I liked the effect of having the full-screen text. Great audio throughout, great music. lol @ the "meeting the girl" scene. Cute ending. Very well done entire film. Very impressive.

One of my favourite films of the night. Loved nod to Wes Anderson style (whether intentional or not) and great maturity in the language of cinema for such a young team! Great concept and story. Well done!

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