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Something New

by Les Cousins Dangereux 1,542 views


First of all, congrats on the location. Someone's nephew's neighbour was obviously the Night Manager at the central city hotel, or you just splurged on the budget and booked a room. Either way it was an inspired idea. Some great visual moments, particularly with the two characters sitting back-to-back toward the end. It was a heroic effort to capture what must be a damn hard genre, and I think there were enough stomach-cramping laughs to make up for the existentialist Woody Allen-cum-John Paul Sartre interplay between the newlyweds. The ring and balloon was hilarious, and the dog nearly made me wet myself. Classic cinema.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A couple check into a hotel on their wedding night. Nerves about the prospect of consummating their vows fuel doubts about the marriage as a whole. This was a well-crafted short with nicely controlled night shots and effective editing (especially the split screen work). The two leads show great commitment to their roles, offering genuine, believable performances. There's well-timed humour and obviously a lot of work went into the script. I loved the family dinner scene - a great use of flashback. Unfortunately, the audio was a bit variable in places, the music too loud and some of the mirror shots struggled with focus. In 2013, LCD's film "Bourbon Legends" was one of my favourites and I picked it for the CHCH finals - sadly the judges didn't agree! With "Something New", LCD just might have cracked it in 2014.

Default Avatar Kawiti Naitoro

There's some bad blood between Sneaky Horses and Les Cousins, and I couldn't help but feel fury seething through my veins as their film was received so positively by the audience.

A very enjoyable, emotional, funny and satisfying film. Good, believable set up, good script and good performances. It was dramatic and engaging, and there were some very funny bits. I loved the balloon proposal scene. Overall a great film.

Some of what I enjoyed: Great intro. Coming out swinging with the amazing flower macro shots. I loved the balloon proposal scene. The back and forth through the bathroom door seemed super genuine. Very well written and acted. Very realistic. The family scene was fantastic. Great ending. That was probably the best film as a total package I've seen so far. Strong finalist contender. Great music.

Default Avatar Richard Martin

Well scripted & well acted. With something like Rom-Com which comes up every year, teams are usually expected to think outside the box and come up with some crazy twist on the genre. This was a team (and a film) which decided to just stick true to the genre, but still manage to deliver something magical and original. Great job, deserved every award they picked up on finals night.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

This film had a very sort of indie drama feel too it, sort of like 'Once', telling the story of a Woman having second thoughts on her wedding night the newly wed Fosters have a heart to heart talk about things to come, or something like that. The ending was a little weak and the sound could have done with some better mic work but all in all it was pretty solid I thought and reasonably well written as well, all the dialogue had a nice rhythm to it.

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