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Default Avatar MistaTeas

[SCHOOLS] A little girl plays a game of hide and seek with her mother. This was the best looking short of the heat, including a nice colour grade and various crane shots. The location was awesome, and the crew fully exploited it.The acting from both the little girl and the mum was great, with the later showing a fair bit of commitment to the role. It certainly proves to be a very dark film, with a hidden agenda, but the question remains, is it a musical? I think with this film it's very easy to forget that it's suppose to be! There are a couple of songs included which are nicely sung and the lyrics are good, but they lack any real punch. There's also a sameness about them. Maybe it's not important. I'm also yet to fully decide if the ending actually makes sense or not, so am looking forward to rewatching! Hard to be too critical, however, because this is a very well-made short, that has had a large amount of thinking applied to it. A definate contender for the school awards. Well done!

Some of what I enjoyed: Great color grade. Cool shots abound. Great singing from the young leading lady, and a great performance all around. Amazing ending. Could have even worked with the "Shock ending"! Awesome.

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