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Pads of Passion

by Robocrop 587 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

An elderly father is less than impressed with his grown son's compulsion to play a "Dance, Dance Revolution" type game, rather than finding love. However, as these stories go, sometimes love happens when you least expect it. Robocrop return for their fourth year in the comp, with the DQs of the first couple of years now a distant memory. In "Pads of Promise" they've used a simple boy meets girl story, kept the whole thing really nice, and avoided any conflict that you might have expected in this genre. The acting from the two leads is very good - especially the girl, who is very natural in the role. There are nice touches of humour and the dialogue is well written, albeit a little long at times. Visually it looks great, so all that new gear must have been worth it! Unfortunately, the audio had a few issues, most noticeably during the main dialogue scene, where there was a constant 'boom, boom" of either the microphone or from whoever was holding the pole. Bit distracting! As mentioned, the lead actress was great in her role but I felt she looked a bit young for the part - for a while I even thought she was his daughter! And then it just felt creepy! I also found it a little odd that the son had such a thick Scottish accent while his dad didn't even have a hint of one! I suppose this can happen? The main dialogue scene I felt got a bit talky and slowed things down a bit too much. I enjoyed the ending though and we were nicely deceived by it. Overall, a nicely put together short that worked and made one smile at the end! Good job and I'd like to cast your actress in a project of mine one day!

Really enjoyed the Scottish lad's performance. I got a bit confused when he told his apparently father that he was going to a computer course and then was at some arts and crafts thing? Maybe I wasn't listening properly, like when you listen to a popular song and think the words are different to what they actually are. A cool sequence where the paddle sticks are dropped to reveal the symbol- quite clever :)

Default Avatar AnnaBanana

I adored this film. The acting was brilliant (particularly the monologue from the female lead, captivating) and I loved the reincarnation of the classic dance dance revolution game. I wanted to see more!

Default Avatar Rinkrat7

Acting by the lead actresses was well done. The script was superbly written. In a few instances the audio was a bit problematic but overall this film has catapulted Team Robocrop to the top of the heap.

Default Avatar film guru

sorry but the audio in this film was not up to par. could have been better but beside for that its an ok film

Default Avatar Kawiti Naitoro

Mmmmmm that Scottish accent really does it for me. I really enjoyed this film when I saw it at the heats, I thought your actors were excellent. Nicely shot, I found the fixing of the broken ice cream stick hilarious! You guys have a great team intro, love the crop bars, please shoot something at that aspect ratio.

Default Avatar paulette e

Laughed when the line was delivered, not with that your not, he was my favourite same with dad, felt the woman needed a bit more conviction and expression but thought the males expression was golden while she was talking,

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