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Meet me at the altar

by Busted Satellite Films 135 views


Default Avatar melpentecost

Ah Rom Com. Romantic comedies need time to build tension between characters, which is hard to achieve in a short. Plus you have to make it funny, you know, if you want it to be a comedy. Full disclosure, this is always my least favourite genre to watch. Teams seem to fall back on cliche and stereotypes. But not these guys! Mad props for attempting to subvert this genre. I appreciated it. “Meet me at the altar” turns out be a pun because our couple are not getting married. No no, they are just casually sacrificing people which drew some nice laughs from the audience. The sacrificing goes awry and instead of summoning the demon they intended, they get they underworld god of lies. I wished the team had filmed outside of the one location, but overall, sweet and satanic with a nice performance from the demon.

Default Avatar aucklandheat

There is room for improvement in this film. To be frank, I didn't like the concept at all. The humour was predictable from the cast and a better take on the actual genre could have made it a competitive agent.

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