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Long Walk Home

by Discreetly Offensive. 541 views


Default Avatar auckfilmbuff

Loved the simplicity of the story. The songs were very funny. It was a really enjoyable film. Well done

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Loved this film! I really like it when teams embrace musical and this team did a great job. The songs were hilarious, narrated the story well and was very very funny. A guy, too drunk to drive from a party on the shore, has to walk home to Glendowie - which is a long way home! Great effort guys, really enjoyed this film and it got one of my votes for the night!

Default Avatar Foxy

This was really fun. I liked that it had a simple story line ( a guy had gone to a party on the north shore but he lived in Glendowie- so now he was in for the "long walk home".) The audience found it very funny. Good work in a difficult genre!

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