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by Wolfe Street Productions 1,358 views


Default Avatar Liam Drury

Great film which was shot and presented very well. The stand out in this heat. The score was great and the singing superb. Good acting with the female lead and good writing with a potential love interest being the copier machine. Cheers guys and look forward to seeing you next year

Default Avatar Alice55678

Incredible, honestly it was annoyingly good. Singing was fantastic, really good cinimatography. Maybe a few too many shots of the lower waist area of the robot.

Definitely the best film of the night. Fluid & subtly funny.Amazing soundtrack & vocals and all round good acting & storyline.Great cinematography with a polished finish..

Default Avatar mojojoseph

too good

Default Avatar Henry Donald

Really awesome, very jealous. Music was perfect, cinematography was nice, nice ending.

Default Avatar Nick Depree

Excellent film, very good production value and technical audio/video quality. Interesting story as well, although I feel that it benefited a lot from having a talented singer/songwriter/actress who carried the whole film. Most teams wouldn't be so lucky if they drew this genre! Could have used another solid character as the manager wasn't developed at all. Probably the best in the heat for me.

Default Avatar siraza

Nicely written and executed - and movie worth sharing.

Default Avatar film addiction

best in the heat for me also, however the whole film was carried by one person and felt the production team relied on this too heavily

Default Avatar sleepless in suburbia

I don't agree the film was carried by one person as it is always a team effort, did they rest to much on the fact that they had a talented person, maybe as other charactors weren't really strengthened, however it was a good effort, I can see where they were taking it and show a lot of potential

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