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Don't Trip

by Porcupine Circus 454 views


Audience favourite ..... Really?!?!?!? Large team = more votes I guess

Default Avatar atroberts

The dreaded musical category. The team seemed to have a bit of fun with this one, but the end result wasn't very cohesive or easy to follow.

Default Avatar creATEif

This film gave me the most laughs. Looks like a group of young guys putting a twist on the Dance & Musical Genre. Technically sound with a great 'don't do drugs' message.

Default Avatar Watched48hrs

I think this is everyone's least wanted genre (maybe it should be removed?). They tried hard and did a reasonable job.

Default Avatar Ashwin Jha

don't get all hate is about, good film with good music and a slightly odd story but that added to it's quirkiness.

Default Avatar Chantal Hoeft

I might be slightly biased, but I loved it, really clever film and made the most of such a difficult genre. Ka Pai team :)))

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