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Best In The World

by MITCIT 170 views


I went to this heat especially to see MITCIT, and when the title card said "musical" I knew we were in for a treat. All the regular over-the-top zaniness combined with some very enthusiastic dancing from one particular cast member made for another enjoyable cult film. MITCIT did a very funny Kim Dotcom spoof a couple of years ago, and this year they weren't afraid to get political again. Let's just say the real identity of Morgan Foster is obvious to us all. Massive cheers from the audience show the majority were on board with their caricature of current affairs. Either that or they really like off-key singing. My only complaint is that there wasn't any signature MITCIT greenscreen or CG work. Maybe next year?

Default Avatar Antonia Craig

The off-key singing was very hard to maintain without totally cracking up at every take ! I liked the German accent touch, although it took people a wee while to get that particular spoof. Super editing and super camera work.

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