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Lend me a Vein

by Sneaky Horses 458 views


Did really well for getting a shitty genre like a musical. Loved the vampire haha. Good stuff.

A vampire is struggling to go to sleep as he needs to suck on human blood. Nice, simple, clean cut. Well shot, using available light and doing it well (i.e. minimal grain). Musical is hard, but I think there was enough to make it classify without the need of breaking into song and dance Disney style. Possibly something else to build some variety, wouldn't have gone astray, but overall a great effort. Well done.

Beautifully shot but Musical stumped this team. If they went more silly than serious it would have smashed! Good stuff boys!!!

Default Avatar boswi13

Very good camera work and audio, funny ... not an easy task for musical. Liked the hungry vampire idea. Great effort, well done.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

VIc Meyer is a vampire who hasn't slept sicne his last feed. He doesn't really like feeding on humans but eventually thirst gets the better of him. Really nicely shot but saying this nailed the genre would be a bit of a stretch. It starts with more of a poem than a song, and in fact the only decent song track comes a bit late in the piece. Enjoyed the bath scene - nicely done. Not really strong in terms of story but at least it all looked good.

Default Avatar Dave Richards

After getting the dreaded 'musical' genre, I think this film did very well. The songs were hilarious, and the delivery from everyone (including the donors) was quite brilliant.

Really cool opening shot/dolly. Fantastic make-up/costume. Loved the lyrics. Rare to see a compassionate vampire. lol @ hemoglobin line. Nice shots in the parking garage. Great shot of the "blood donors only" sign and lol @ licking the blood drop. lol @ the guy covered and then winking and blowing a kiss. Blood bath was intense. Great ending. Excellent. Solid work.

Default Avatar proffenton

Beautifully shot- right from the start it was clear these boys knew what they were doing. Costume and makeup on the vampire done brilliantly, and the bath scene looked great. Sadly, the plot really let this one down, it was extremely underdeveloped and seemed to be indecisive on whether or not it was going to be a comedy or not. Still enjoyable nonetheless, I look forward to seeing more of your work!

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