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I Got Robots

by Chess Club 3,259 views


For some reason this film was placed in line for the heat, but what a great ending to an overall good heat. Chess Club delivers a hilarious, well paced, brilliantly acted Robot Movie. This little film had the audience rolling in the aisles within the first minute of the film and didn't stop until the lights came up for voting. I think I swallowed my gum! WTG guys... loved it.

Default Avatar Whenuapai

This was a very good heat with a lot of good films, however "I Got Robots" was an absolute standout for me, along with the rest of the audience i was laughing from the beginning to the end, a clever story with a very funny twist, very well paced and edited well to deliver great timing.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

This movie rocked, my only complaint would be that I think they broke my funny fuse, cause damn, this was hilarious. Some of the best acting, a great script and a story that kept peeling back layers as it went on. Really good production values and everything just worked in this film. A guy interviews a flatmate and at the end tells him he has robots, as he is an inventor. The robots were insanely funny and i have no idea how they managed to get through making this film without laughing the whole time. The night scenes were well thought out and played and the subtle compositing of glowing eyes etc was seamlessly integrated and felt organic rather than pasted over the video. A brilliant film all round and not only would I expect this to be in the final I would think it is the film to beat in Auckland, if not NZ. Absolutely brilliant!

Default Avatar DelusionsStillIntact

"I Got Robots' was a fun and original short. It had great production value and impressive acting. The film was also well paced and edited delivering perfect comedic beats. I enjoyed the multiple twists at the end and was entertained from beginning to end. Congratulations!

Default Avatar Sunshine

God this was a great time. It was so much fun, I'm really relieved that the heat ended with this film, cause at times I was really bored.

Default Avatar Totally Not Famous

Funniest film of the evening. The comedic timing was spot on and the premise had me in hysterics. I won't be surprised if this film takes out the grand prize.

Default Avatar huckleberry

Pure brilliance! I'm still in awe at how much you made a grump like me laugh so much

Default Avatar luvmovies

They saved the best for last. FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY!

Default Avatar Burlap

I really enjoyed watching this, great acting and a really funny plot. Well played, Chess Club...

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