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Whiff Drawers

by Groundswell Media 252 views


Great movie, got a lot of laughs out of it. Much more comedy than RomCom, but still worked brilliantly. I really liked some of the camera work in hear. The slow smooth pans looked beautiful and the pulling focusing after the phone call worked really well. I liked the product placement with the V :) Only gripe was a few sound issues when they were sitting at the table with the gingernuts.

Nice Cinematography. Funny Story. Great Film

A very funny movie that was very well put together. An interesting story that was very topical, as a lady's date for the night cancels, but she finds a replacement in an unusual place. Clever use of the prop, the rules of dating as stated by the DJ were funny (as was the breaking of them later on), and very enjoyable.

Default Avatar Pumpkin Fairy

Well developed and quirky characters. Storyline follows a build up, climax, and resolution format. Laugh out loud and cringe factor made it a fun viewing. Original music great. Fun short flick.

Default Avatar Ingram Fry

As someone who has done stand up comedy, I thought this was hillarious. Topical (due to recent Target Episode). Talked to an aspect of human nature not dealt with in other genres. The ending was awesome. Best line: "Have a gingernut bitch". Acting and cinematography were awesome.

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