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The Devine Dragon

by The Dark Circle 249 views


Default Avatar Cinematic_Chch

I watched this at the heats. So gutted for you not to get this in on time. I thought it was the funniest film of our heat... and your team introduction was great. The GrandFather character was my favorite... a really strong actor. Well done on having so much outdoor footage... It was freezing on the shoot weekend. Hoping you will give it another go next year!

I have not laughed this hard for some time! And its such a shame that the film was disqualified. I was not really sure if the film ADR was purposly left completely out of time, but the story was still able to be followed. Some great subtle humor moments that come across well. Good luck for the best disqualified short!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A cult hails "Bazoozoo" who will show them the way to the darkness! There ceremony is interrupted by a knock at the door and they discover a baby boy has been left on their door stop! An opportunity for a ritual sacrifice? No, they're not that twisted! Seventeen years later the baby is all grown up and homeless! An old man warns him that he is in danger and must fulfil his destiny! Lots of funny moments in this - the baby reveal in particular and there were other nice touches such as the montage and "Gong of life". There were also some cringe-worthy parts such as the fake comical beard, harsh cuts and loud wind which made some dialogue hard to hear. The audience loved it so you must be gutted at being late! Better luck next year!

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