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FML the musical

by Mrs Miggins 233 views


Default Avatar Adele Haumu

Funny and the best voices I have ever heard. Definitely gives High School Musical a run for it's money. All they were missing was Justin Bieber...oh wait...scrap that

This was my pick of the heat, a flawed but very fun musical film. It’s nice to see a take on the Nicky Brick character where they remain naively upbeat despite their continuing misfortune, and the actress’ performance really sold this. Some great comic timing, both in the acting and in the edit, made some parts of the story very punchy. The bicycle song was especially hilarious (despite extremely low sound), and the story ended on a couple of well-played comedy beats. Sadly, the whole affair was regrettably let down by a clearly unfinished technical side to things, and were it not for these issues (mostly sound-related) I would have said this would be a lock for the city finals. Still, a great use of the character, and a memorable performance. Regarding the musical side of things, it’s worth noting that the accompaniment was decidedly bare-bones (perhaps unfinished also?), and yet it still worked a treat. The first song in particular was just a simple piano figure repeated, but throw in a few clever lines and get an at least half-decent performer to sing them, and voila! you’ve got yourself a musical. I guess my point here is that the pathological fear of the genre that some teams have is, I believe, misplaced, and getting Musical can often let you do crazy things that other genres would never allow.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A woman awakes and after what seems a long time starts singing about her life. She has some misfortune however and struggles to leave the house. Lots of "la, la, laing" in this. The second song, "It hasn't been my morning" is pretty funny and as I recall is performed while on mountain bikes. This is a fantastic number all round despite some quiet audio levels. Overall, this was probably the best example of the genre from the CHCH heats as the singing was sustained for the majority of the story. Some of the filming was excellent but pieces of the edit showed signs of hast - "Cut" is quite clearly heard a t one point. Still, well done on delivering a film in this genre.

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