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A Mothers Rose

by SoreHead Productions.


This was a lovely film. A nice, simple plot told well. A nice take on the inspirational genre.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

[Disqualified: Late] A business woman (Janine) drives to work and after her P.A. reminds her that it is her mother's birthday she stops to buy some flowers to send. In the florist she helps a young girl, (Nicky) to pay for her flowers and later gives her a lift to see the girl's mother. This inspires Janine to make more of an effort with hers. This story was nicely executed even if it is a well-trodden yarn and the destination Nicky needed to go was clearly foreshadowed with what she bought. The acting was very believable and the whole film looked and sounded great. A nice story but just a bit vanilla for my liking.

Default Avatar Agoranomos

I really enjoyed your film. The story was good, the acting was excellent, and the characterisations were spot on. The camera work in the car was great too. Also, I was honestly surprised by the twist at the cemetery - but I think I may be in the minority :P It's a pity that you didn't get it in on time. Better luck with that next year!

Even if it was a little cliche, this was one of the few films that had a great message. Nice audio quality in the car scenes, as it was quite clear and I could barely hear any background noise. Very well shot; great cinematography throughout. Good use of music, too. Things to work on: Get it in on time! (I know that game, two of my last three were late X_X) Maybe work on a "meatier" story which is more of a departure from convention. Great film, though.

This film totally nailed the Inspiration Film genre, as I understand it to be. Beautifully made, looking and sounding great, but what really sold it to me were the nicely-pitched, naturalistic performances from both the lead woman and the girl she helps. Had the acting not been up to scratch, then this admittedly-basic story would have fallen flat. And the revelation about the girl’s mother was a nice twist, which informed our protagonist’s story in a perhaps predictable but nevertheless satisfying way. It’s a real shame this one was late, because it would have surely been in serious contention for city finals, and I would have voted for it for my Heat 8 Audience Favourite.

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