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Appreciating Nothing

by Green Bay High School


This film has a dreamy quality that I think the team can be quite proud of. Despite obvious limitations of equipment they were able to use the camera in artistic and professional ways - backed up by a strong sense of timing in the editing department. There were some really difficult shots here that came off beautifully, especially scenes shot on the beach and running on the street. I have to admit that I didn't find the film especially inspiring, and although that's hard to do, the first thing is to have a story that's easy to follow. Still, the rising and falling action does add to the dream-like nature and voice-over narration of the whole piece. I'd like to see what these guys could do with a couple of months on another film.

Default Avatar Vladimir Romanov

This was a very beautiful and romantic film which I enjoyed deeply, especially the lovely young girl in the scene where the two central characters were on top of a hill with a scenic view on two very fashionable orange plastic chairs. I felt that the man needed to calm down a bit and stop running around quite so much and that Green Bay High School needs to splash out and buy their students a proper film camera.

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