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by Rubber Soul Productions 3,250 views


Default Avatar VideoGuy

Great short - High production values with a good story line & lots of laughs. Very nice looking filming with clean sound. Fantastic example of what can be done with Musical / Dance. IMO the best of the heat. Well done.

Default Avatar Tim Fordham

Easily one of the best films of the night. Clean visuals and audio. its wa also extremely funny.

Default Avatar tickthis

Well done you lot! 'Well Strung' was was funny and fitted the genre perfectly. The style you seemed to go for worked, but seemed a little too "Shortland Street adverts over the summer break" sorta thing for me. Nice short but needed a little more story for my liking.

Default Avatar Bella7

Well done! Great music and funky dance moves from Ash and Aiden

Default Avatar EEPEE

Nice movie. Not usually my type of thing but I was well entertained and enjoyed it. Well Done!

Default Avatar AdMan

Awesome!! This will be the one to watch in the Taranaki finals...

Default Avatar 48s fan

All I can say is wow super cool. Great acting. Professional filming and editing.

Default Avatar Amateur

Great camera shots. Music was very professional. A nice short.

Default Avatar vault502

A nice wee musical here, I thought the transition into musical was really good with the busker, very natural. Pitty it wasn't the first song. The crane shot was amazing (after the second song) Story was well writtem, props to the writters. I really liked the flashback scene to school. The romance down my pants line was really funny. And just when I thought it was over I get an awesome dance off!! Great! Really funny ending, did not expect it! So this story starts slow, and builds up to a great finish. The two male leads were amzing at both acting and singing. Well done! Have no critisim, except it could have started with more energy, had more diologue/buildup between the rivalry (at the party), Mayby one or two minor characters to fill the story out a bit, and a few location shots (e.g. the party house). Looking forward to your next year entry!

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