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Default Avatar MistaTeas

An attractive patient falls in love with her doctor, however, the male receptionist seems to disapprove and calls the patient with bad news - they're downsizing the clinic and so she's no longer a patient. Eventually she goes to see the doctor and they make up and realise they've been set up! Some nice acting in this and technically it looked pretty slick. The audio however suffered from a couple of dead patches where there was nothing! I didn't quite get who the male was involved in all the romping scenes but I'm sure they were fun to film. Loved your intro!

Slightly disapointed with this film, as Otherside has pulled off some stunners. Dodgy editing with some sound problems but story was lacking and in patches hard to follow. The freeze frame definately didn't suit the ending to this film but still had some funny moments. Still well done!

Some extremely entertaining scenes, I thought there was a depth of cleverness with this film and I enjoyed it…didn’t know where it was heading which was really good! Liked the actors, the doctor with those long looks was classic, she was a honey too and the gay receptionist acted the part well (maybe too well..LOL). Was a little confused with all the affairs, but entertaining. I assume the bent wire was the broach? Possible a better end may have helped and tightening of the shots…overall I enjoyed well done guys

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