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Do You Swing That Way?

by SCC UNICORNS 473 views


Default Avatar Marijke van Schaardenburg

For a first year, all girls, school team this was a pretty good film. The quality of the footage was high, they had an interesting credit sequence and the cinematography of some of the shots was good. There was some long and awkward silences and the voice over was quite synced perfectly to the atmosphere and music level. Although the atmosphere was good, they clearly put some thought into their sound and having original music. The storyline was good, could have been pulled off better though. The voiceover was over the top and cheesy, almost in a bad way, had some amusing puns to it and was well acted.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

I thought this was a solid effort for a first year team. The film looked nicely shot, well edited and the story was good but I thought they could have made more of the swing hitting on other equipment in the playground rather than one quick pass at the slide, as it would have helped with your payoff at the end. There were some random script elements but overall I found this film enjoyable.

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