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A very metamusical

by Fire Pandas 404 views


Default Avatar Mitupela

I enjoyed this film more than I thought I would when it started. Doing a film about making a film is immediately cringe-inducing but as soon as they started singing I forgave them. The songs all fit the film well and the performances were spot on. I do question the use of some of the melodies though - Green Day and Disney might have something to say... Beat Box was cool.

I like any of the musical genre that actually entertain and this one does. But it was all a little self-indulgent in that it's a "We're making a short film short film." Next time a real story would have been better and more memorable.

Default Avatar makingfilmsisgood

Good work team!

Default Avatar Calvin Davidson

I really enjoyed it at first, but I felt it fell flat as the joke got a little old partway through. Still, musical's tough and you guys did a good job.

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