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Dunedin Finalists, 2010

City Winner

The Stag Do

Mirage Videos

No Mance


Severely Exhausting eXcercise

Wetter Studios

City Finalist



City Finalist

Freudian Sip, The Glimps

Team Shadbolt

City Finalist

The King of South D

Brown Paper Bag Productions

City Finalist

Engaged to a Ghost

MacJay Productions

Oh funk, Femme Fatale!

The Extremely Funky Gentlemen

City Finalist

Lammergeier: Bird of Love

The Elman Poole Fellowship

City Finalist

The Gurgitator

Team Super-Best-Friends

Sex and Mating - A Lesson Through Time

Double D Inc.

City Finalist

Dig deep, Dick

Squashed pinapple lump

City Finalist

The Sipowicz Split

Team Zombiecopter

City Finalist

How Billy Went Bananas

Red Forgs

The Lady and the Living Dead


Life of Brian [& Ryan]

Unnatural History

The Seeker

Sweet Donkey


elisabeth fritzl's broken bits

Cruise Thompson Presents

Bus of the Undead

The Fabricator's Doll

System of Five