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Dunedin, 2010

City Winner

The Stag Do

Mirage Videos

City Finalist



City Finalist

Dig deep, Dick

Squashed pinapple lump

City Finalist

Engaged to a Ghost

MacJay Productions

City Finalist

Freudian Sip, The Glimps

Team Shadbolt

City Finalist

How Billy Went Bananas

Red Forgs

City Finalist

Lammergeier: Bird of Love

The Elman Poole Fellowship

City Finalist

The Gurgitator

Team Super-Best-Friends

City Finalist

The King of South D

Brown Paper Bag Productions

City Finalist

The Sipowicz Split

Team Zombiecopter

Cruise Thompson Presents

Bus of the Undead

Life of Brian [& Ryan]

Unnatural History

No Mance


Oh funk, Femme Fatale!

The Extremely Funky Gentlemen


elisabeth fritzl's broken bits

Severely Exhausting eXcercise

Wetter Studios

Sex and Mating - A Lesson Through Time

Double D Inc.

The Fabricator's Doll

System of Five

The Lady and the Living Dead


The Seeker

Sweet Donkey