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Somebody Someone Mungous

11 Reviews


V-Log of a Madwoman

I thought the concept was great, the genre was one-shot but they technically knocked off bottle movie and found footage as well. Anyway, we only see two characters from the viewpoint of a robot assistant, a totally bangin' mad-scientist chick, and a totally toned asian dude as the experiment victim. Yet somehow the two seem strangely incompatible so without ruining the story - brilliant casting. As pleasing to the eye as it was, it probably dragged on a little bit too much.


Short and sweet erotic thriller. A pretty simple setup and a rather prompt payoff. Not a whole lot of time spent with mood or dialogue. Kinky bits caught a lot of laughs, mainly from the rest of the audience. God I have some catching up to do.

Sticks and Stones

I loved this teams intro clip to bits. Unfortunately so strong it was, that I lost concentration on what must have been some kind of important backstory. I tried to patch it together but couldn't grasp anything other than there was a guy, who had a thing, that another guy wanted, then a mother and son got entangled then special powers had to be used to resolve it. Lovely VFX and a talented cast though.

I Heart NZ?

This film you might describe as one of those 'visualised poems' you often see at shorts festivals. Produced entirely by one man who made use of his rather excellent rhyming and verbalising talents and took a fresh approach to the rom-com genre. Initially I was skeptical whether a narration accompanied by a posterised effect could carry itself but it just kept getting better and better, and by the end I was really enthused. So kudos, job well done!