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Criminal Wanted

This film was shot very well. The Cinematography stood out for me. It felt like a high budjet film. Also the editing and general quality of the film was outstanding. It looked like it had been well worked on and was thought out thoroughly. It did not seem like a film shot in 48 hours. The acting was pretty solid, with the main characters and the side characters holding up quite nicely. I loved the look of the film also. The sound design is also top notch. I loved the music as it followed a theme throughout the film. There weren't any blaring technical issues that stood out either. Just stayed solid throughout. Just when you thought the film looked great. the substance of the story was well received with the added foreshadowing just rounding the film off nicely.

Overall 9/10


This film is sick. Its quite inspiring for up and coming film makers to see how far you can take 48 hours. Its a massive spectacle. The music and sound design was award worthy and it carried a lot of suspense. That jellyfish tho. The only things I would work on is the story. If there was more of an established relationship with the main character, I feel that I would've been more hooked. I love to see Tim pushing the boundary of what's possible. Give me something to look upto!
Overall 8/10

Friendly Fire

Cinematography was great. Acting was also pretty solid. Some of the audio was peaking abit and with some added sound effects, I feel it would've made it a little bit more solid. Sometimes I didn't really understand what was going on exactly. Other than that I would say that this team has potential in the future for sure.
Overall 6/10
Good job guys


Instant Classic M8