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Somebody Someone staceshort

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A beautifully shot film with some AMAZING special effects and great acting. Made such great use out of just shooting in one location too! Won't be surprised to see this in the finals!

The Greatest Gunman

10/10 (or should I say 7/7). Another hilarious, well-shot, brilliantly scripted film by Brothers in Crime. I was laughing the entire film. The acting was fantastic (especially for the greatest gunman). You guys DEFINITELY should have won audience favourite in my opinion - you were number one on my list! I totally expect to see your film in the Auckland finals. :)

Calcie & Joe

Such a cute little film! Way to tug on people's heart strings, an old man with no one coming to his birthday party! :( But you guys made up for that with a very happy ending, so well done. Keen to see what you guys do next year!