A Pitch Opportunity for our Filmmakers

Posted 9th August 2023

Pitchfest is one of Floating Rock's contributions to the country which brought us together. With Hillfarrance’s investment, Kiwi storytellers of all mediums are one pitch away from making their own animated film or TV series. We want to provide an opportunity for storytellers to tell their stories!

Not everyone has the funds or the team to bring that idea to the big screens. We want to help fill that gap with this platform to help them create a well rounded pitch deck to take to buyers.

Pitchfest is a recurring event, approximately every 4 months, hosted here in Wellington where creatives come together to collaborate as well as celebrate those who want to pitch with us.

A development fund is available for creators we see with the most potential. Show us your invigorating and unique stories, we can’t wait to hear them!

Our 3rd Pitchfest this year is October 07 2023.
Submissions close August 26 2023!

Round One:
10 Spaces + $2,500 each
Round Two:
3 Spaces + $10,000 each

Round Three:
1 Space + $100,000 + Access to major distributors

Pitchfest Creators receive:
- exclusive insights into potential animated shows / movies pitches
- constructive feedback from industry experts
- an opportunity to network with other creators, Floating Rock, our investors and industry experts

Submit two video applications:
- an engaging three minute video pitch
- a personable video about yourself

Submissions close August 26th, 2023.
Learn more at pitchfest.co.nz


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