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The Eyes Have It

by Cowps Productions


After a mysterious redheaded woman runs down a hall and climbs into a mysterious box, our film cuts to a picture of her being pronounced as missing and from there this film investigates her disappearance.

To me the best thing about this film was its wonderful ethereal musical score which elevated proceedings a lot in terms of tone. I also really liked the tracking camerashots that were particularly smooth for a 48 Hours film. The missing woman sold a sense of desperation as she ran down the hall and the lead actress delivered her lines well.

But for me personally the story was very light. I found the plot very predictable given the invisibility element the second that the woman climbed into the box, and did have my suspension of disbelief challenged when a school was effectively standing in for the 'neighbourhood' that the detective was asking around in.

Having said that, the ending was nicely done and left things with a satisfying conclusion that felt a bit like the Twilight Zone, redeeming a lot of the film.

Story: 2/5
Technical: 2.5/5
Elements: 3/5
Overall: 2.5/5

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