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Flatmate Wanted

by Slow Loris Productions 5,154 views


There were some startling images on display here, and we got a very creepy build with a sense of unease throughout. Medical students obviously have a very good cover for anything that might seem odd related to human anatomy, but that doesn't stop our lead actress from thinking it might be a bit more than just in her head. Reminded me a bit of underrated German horror ANATOMY (rent it out if you haven't, both that and this film are worth a watch) Art direction was really good on this one and whilst the finish was gross it was not too over the top and hit the marks of a horror film really well. Being a new flatmate it does seem quite odd that the established house dwellers take such an interest when she chops her finger...The main thing I could fault was a strong start and end were matched by a not quite as strong middle portion for the film. Played to your visual strengths though which was a good idea.

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