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"Cheatings Eating"

by JAC Pictures 427 views


A Psychopathic housewife goes on a bit of a murderous spree with regards to servicemen, taking out a plumber by choking them to death and heavily hinting that the same fate may await the internet service man due to come around in the near future. Luckily we are given motivation behind this behaviour with a backstory of mistreatment by her ex and how her current beau essentially came to her rescue as a white knight. There were a couple of nice shots for example the hand in the oven, and I squirmed at least a little whilst the plumber was choked. The film did appear however to go for more of a dark/disturbing approach (also included chainsaws and blood, for example) than any sort of tension which is what I view as a key element to horror, and the production values were average.

Default Avatar Verdi

Some good ideas here, but thin on plot - our murderess' motivation wasn't really clear enough for me. Production values pretty average too.

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