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Tripping Point

by Laundromat Films


Genuinely surreal seeing films back to back in heats with essentially the same plot driving device; just like Couch Kumara who followed this being a race against time versus the drugs that are accidentally about to kick into someone's central nervous system.

First of all, props for making a really technically solid film. Editing was tight when the action got going, performances strong and captured good clean audio. Also you deserve further commendation for the pacing of the film; it worryingly started excruciatingly slow with some painful 48 tropes of the protagonist waking up, taking a phone call and moving to the bathroom so I was pretty worried where you were headed, but thankfully pulled it around with the central action taking place outside.

So, the story itself. Yeah to be honest I wasn't really sold on a lo-fi version of CRANK. It's literally the first film that was listed as an example of the 'Race Against Time' genre by the organisers for the comp and I think you just took that idea and ran with it. But this was a more relatable local film than that Jason Statham screamer, that presented a real problem for our lead, attempt to solve it, and had a satisfying arc to the film overall.

Comedic beats were well done, though characters felt stereotypical rather than having any depth to them because there wasn't much dialogue to give them the depth that would have elevated the short further, in my book.

The camerawork and editing that I mentioned earlier were probably the highlight of the film for me, feeling very professional despite the small scope of the film and understanding important cinematic techniques especially in regards to camera angles and cuts to create a fully fleshed out film.

Oh and invisibility element = NAILED IT.

Obviously I felt there were flaws but overall solid and well done on making the Wellington final.

Story: 2.5/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 4/5
Overall: 3/5

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