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Think Punk

by Blair Job

A subculture guy gets arrested during covid lockdown during a space race; for making a movie; he explains the/or another world of perception... before a 'little' thing, called, the internet. does it matter!? Think Punk


How on earth am I supposed to review this film? I'm really sorry to hear that you were disqualified, and thank you so much for sharing such an intimate personal video diary about your family history, but this just went over my head as to how the film we watched was related to the competition. The final 90 seconds attack on Fox News and George Bush were welcomed, and I appreciate you not being afraid to speak the truth, you're a talented guy and confident on camera but I found this a very awkward watch due to so much seemingly being irrelevant to 48 Hours.

Story: NA/5
Technical: NA/5
Overall: DQ/5

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