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Think Punk

by Blair Job

A subculture guy gets arrested during covid lockdown during a space race; for making a movie; he explains the/or another world of perception... before a 'little' thing, called, the internet. does it matter!? Think Punk


How on earth am I supposed to review this film? I'm really sorry to hear that you were disqualified, and thank you so much for sharing such an intimate personal video diary about your family history, but this just went over my head as to how the film we watched was related to the competition. The final 90 seconds attack on Fox News and George Bush were welcomed, and I appreciate you not being afraid to speak the truth, you're a talented guy and confident on camera but I found this a very awkward watch due to so much seemingly being irrelevant to 48 Hours.

Story: NA/5
Technical: NA/5
Overall: DQ/5

This is a review from the director of the sorta review explaining the lack thereof of some elements, with yes silly but heartbeat sfx ans shock at said lameness of my own sfx. Thanks Mr Steel for your honest and or any appraisal. I dabbled so my noob effort shows but I kept going, stubborn as I can be. Call it tongue in cheek or hyper realism as the suggesst I used to be in punk bands, I did manage to get a very well known song from the sixties - permission this said, brillha... piece of ...disaster. Real life can be a joke, I was arraigned and not sure I could go outside but what a surprise all charges were dropped after much systematic expense and wastage of time; as it was absolutely absurd but stress, I'm sure you've seen Mr Moon or Forgotten Silver. 48 hours was an elixir; bit like paying lots of money not to make a movie even with my family by my side haha. This comp... is the/a reason to climb even across beutiful shiny broken glass beaches I mean pollution I mean shiny!!! Hounds is offensive to plumbers by joves or is it jeeves, sorry forgave me. Trust me I am V nice! and trustworthy in the light of voice inflection really. I do create stories living oooh, sometimes, can i make this into a sad romantic git film now, lol.

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