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The Ooze

by Slime


As a mysterious figure trudged along a rocky landscape with a briefcase clenched tightly, an air of intrigue was immediately developed in this cracking entry by Slime with tonal nods to ERASERHEAD and THE STUFF and yet very much its own thing. Played straight, and at the same time feeling like a completely different world the team explored what we will do as humans in order to survive.

Really classy saturation on show. I keep feeling the need to highlight teams who get black and white right, because most teams don't. What Slime achieved was an achingly affectionate love-letter to 1950s sci fi both in the choice to remove colour, but also by adding touches like a bunker and the worrying feeling of desolation so recurrent throughout Cold War films.

Do I need to talk about the incredibly strange plotline? Without giving anything away of course I do. The man in the ooze being ready to rize, and how his recipe will present a resurrection was just absolutely bonkers. Was the harvest for his good or for our lead actress to help her continue in this cold harsh world? I have so many questions but not in a confused way, I loved how open-ended you made things here. Leaving things open to the audience is a massive plus if done right.

The soundscape was interesting to say the least. I feel it could have used a little bit more punch but it was otherworldly and weird and meant a consistent tone was created.

The repetition of the rocky cliff shots I could take or leave, but it takes a lot of craft to show restraint in your 48 Hours pacing and still deliver the goods. This is a film that took its time and very much left a lasting impression. Strange in all the best possible ways.

Performances strong, the only thing that got a few marks down for me would be if the box was strongly ticked enough for a reluctant/unlikely/antihero.

Story: 3.5/5
Technical: 4.5/5
Elements: 3/5
Overall: 4/5

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