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The Masterclass

by Nowhere


A production team gets an interview with the ultimate subject that nobody has been able to get their hands on until now...Death! With a demonic skeletal appearance he (they?) then proceeds to give a masterclass in horror.

This had some absolutely wild elements from the gore and elevator urine, to the puppets and costuming, and was very subversive in a good way. The horror-comedy vibe was just right and it tread a fine line between a lesson in how to scare and a lesson in how to die.

I would implore anyone thinking of making a mockumentary to have a good look at this film in future; any negative tropes were turned on their head for the better with a focus on allowing the plot to develop organically with the documenting crew simply being part of the story. For example Death waxing lyrically about the best time to scare being when reality slips would have been a talking head moment for a lesser team, but given his demonic voice and horrific mask it instead becomes a highlight.

The fact that the film built and built and then paid off when the shit hit the fan was very satisfying to see.

Technically strong throughout most with a well done edit and particularly well done lighting. Performances were the standout for me to pick the best thing about the film.

In terms of minor issues, audio was a tad muffled in the first minute or so of the film and the human characters were a little underdeveloped to the point of just being bodies to be killed at the climax. But thoroughly entertaining overall.

Story: 3.5/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 4/5
Overall: 3.5/5

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