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The Hit

by SkooterMan Pictures

An unwilling hitman has until 2am to finish his next job... but will his Uber driver be quick enough to get him there on time?


Good to see this team in the competition again as they have been a mainstay for many a year, here delivering some of their most stylish work with some really well done night time cinematography, whilst not forgetting to include some trademark humour.

After being coordinates for a target, our late night hitman then unwittingly becomes a victim himself, a victim of awful uber banter from a driver who has treats and beats available, or might just get sidetracked in a one-way conversation about fishing with his father.

I liked how the scene was set so nicely by making the audience feel warm and comfortable, before the trap was set in one of the most amazing uses of invsibility in this year's comp. Honestly seriously loved how the trap was done.

For me, whilst I liked the warm start, sinister and serious development and funny finish, I felt that the story just lacked some depth. Absolutely the trap needed to stay mysterious and was all the better for it. But I think the hitman needed a bit more backstory. And lastly, whilst I liked it, I think the tone didn't probably get the balance quite right for a wider audience by jumping between silly and deadly serious.

Story: 2/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 4.5/5
Overall: 2.5/5

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