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Quantum Couriers

by The Tin Whistle Collective

Traumatised after his last delivery, a Quantum Courier will need all the help he can get to deliver again.


Boredom is a killer but so is laziness, and I felt this was a thoroughly entertaining expose on generational corner cutting through a tale of time traveling courier siblings.

When a call comes in from the boss, it means that the time to stop playing face taping games has arrived, however the ghost of Halloween 2039 still haunts them when the matter of it being an urgent delivery is riased. What went wrong that previous spooky season is left up to our imagination, but it sets the scene for some number 8 wire ingenuity to get through time and space using tinfoil and suspension of disbelief.

The outlined plot setup was really just a springboard to montage the siblings working together to deliver their payload, and then go for an enjoyable comedic conclusion. It also allowed the closeness of the sibling bond to be further showcased by working together to prep their time traveling car, and the team to play to their strengths with highlighted neon lighting and fantastic, absolutely fantastic original synth based music that felt organic and hummed with impressive bass.

The sound in general was well done. I noticed that you dubbed and it was slightly out of sync at times, but absolutely forgiveable in my book given it made the dialogue clear and easy to follow, and avoided the echoey pitfall of shooting in an open space like a garage that I have seen all too often in this comp, so good move there.

The music was the definite highlight, and the lighting memorable though I did note a little bit of inconsistency with the light just before the time traveling happened.

My main issue would be the story being a little straightforward, and overall tone to proceedings. Moments of gold for sure but I think I would have just liked to have seen more weight given to the trauma of Halloween 2039, or more focus on comedy, or playing up the slightly low budget approach with the tinfoil. Because by not fully committing in tone one way or other it did make the film feel a little uneven. But that soundtrack, sign me up!

Story: 2.5/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 3.5/5
Overall: 3/5

Good shit make more please AAA+

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