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Of Two Minds

by Team Tantrum


As a surprise anniversary gift, a woman gives her partner the power to read minds like her when he opens up a small box she gives him. No explanation given, but that works for the better as this enthusiastic origin story works on a couple of levels with the idea of shared love through shared responsibility.

Performances were strong with the pair presented as a very believable loving couple, and the film amplified its story development as it progressed. This was definitely necessary as it was a little bit slow to start, but when the comedic notes of reading minds of the outside world came in things really kicked into gear.

Camerawork was tidy and clean with a lot of energy to how the film was edited. Personally I think the film probably just needed some dramatic momentum that had more weighting than the guy drowning his disappointment in the pub before quickly moving on. But overall nicely done charming film and I applaud you for getting outside and capturing some lovely scenery, as well as the good clean sound.

Story: 3/5
Technical: 3/5
Elements: 3.5/5
Overall: 3/5

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