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Little Wigs

by Milhouse Fun House

A group of superheroes struggle to find work due to their niche powers, until one day changes everything.


Personally it breaks my heart a little to see incredibly talented new teams take the mockumentary route. This was clearly a highly entertaining film as evidenced by your impressive Audience Favourite victory in a heat with 3 films that got on the Wellington shortlist whereas yours did not, so I'll try my best to explain why I think that might have been, although of course it is impossible to actually speak on behalf of the judges.

Essentially a WHAT WE SUPERHEROES DO IN THE SHADOWS ahem I mean FOR JOBS type film, as we were welcomed into the home of those with powers and how they were struggling to find work. Whilst that comparison to Taika Waititi's film may seem a bit disengenuous, it also took a lot of camera techniques from THE OFFICE as well.

Some really lovely vfx here even though they were minor meant that you ticked the box for your genre. Audio was also good and camerawork was clean.

But locations were an issue going for a suburban house/office approach it meant that, for me, in combination with the talking heads, the characters came across as a little bit mundane, when their comical powers such as making fruit disappear or being able to tell the length of any piece of string should have been generating the laughs.

However without ragging on about the tropes I had issues with too much, I do give you a lot of credit for moving towards a satisfying final act to your film. The actors in wigs, the chair replacement test, and the chair being left at the very end were all comedy gold.

Mockumentaries are popular, I get it, and they'll always turn up in this comp because it allows you to lay out your jokes in interview style and then cut to footage - set em' up, knock em' down. But to see a team with a strong DP, screenwriters, editor, and vfx people turn to it was frustrating because I think you have a whole lot more in you in future.

Story: 2/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 4/5
Overall: 2.5/5

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