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Infinite Origin

by Truba


Honouring the golden age of animation, in particular the genius of Tex Avery, Truba served up a startling cartoon with Bill Plympton-like comedy but enough grotesque imagery that it would have fit perfectly into the Spike and Mike Twisted Festival of animation from yesteryear.

When a couple of super viking warriors crash land in the middle of a metropolitan park following an epic battle, their arrow-riddled corpses release their powers to the unsuspecting and reluctant denizens of the city. But in a nod to BRIGHTBURN, these powers being age old and infinite mean that the battle and drive to kill (or battle at least) continues to any inhabitant young or old.

Really strong sound design, wonderful use of colour, narration and voice work spot on, super impressively drawn and layered backgrounds, outstanding music, and particularly impressive was the camera movement given this was 2D animation. Trust me, this is no easy feat to pull off.

I liked the gags, and felt that every turn the film took was exciting. This was a great example of how to trim the fat with your edit and deliver a tight, polished 48 Hours film. I liked the ending also, but I personally would have not had the last narrative question asking whether the struggle will continue. Absolutely loved it overall, though.

Story: 4/5
Technical: 4.5/5
Elements: 4/5
Overall: 4.5/5

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