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Good Company

by Superiority Complex

Dave, a hitchhiker, is picked up by Theo who is on his way to what is meant to be a chill drinks with his mates. Theo invites Dave in - depsite the others being reluctant.


This was a really nice looking film with excellent depth of focus throughout so well done whoever was your DP! This also had really strong contrast with smart costuming decisions to clearly identify each character against the warm backdrop of the timber cabin.

In terms of the film itself, I actually really liked that you used the idea of someone inviting themselves to a party and the unsettling feeling of the fish out of water hitchiker being on another planet in terms of humour compared to the existing group of friendly lads was particularly well done.

Also technically this has good clean sound, impressive performances and an entertaining script.

Unfortunately then that ending, for me, absolutely let the film down like a hot air balloon that had been punctured. I hope I'm not being too harsh because you had garnered an incredible amount of goodwill in the first 4 and a half minutes only to go down a dark predictable rabbit hole. Arguably it was a STEPFATHER-type on to the next victim statement, but it just needed a bit more to be shown if it was indeed a cycle continuing type message.

However, nail the ending next time and you'll be progressing past the heats with your clear and obvious talent.

Story: 3/5
Technical: 4/5
Elements: 2.5/5
Overall: 3/5

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