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Captain Actuality: The Return of the Diddler

by Ristifisti

The best of all B shows is back! As Captain Actuality concludes the long awaited fourth season, the stakes could not be any higher! The budget any lower!

The Diddler has returned! Now armed with the invisible invisi-ray, he is threatening to unleash complete and utter chaos on the unsuspecting citizens of the city!

Fate and everyone's visibility now lies in Captain Actuality's soft meaty hands!


Pow! Slam! The crook is down and the police are on their way is illustrated in bold comic font at the start of this caper, episode 20 in Season 4 of 'Captain Actuality'.

I get you were working with zero budget, but please please try and refrain from using incredibly well known music that you don't have the rights to would be my advice. The nintendo wii menu music playing as the crook and hero took the lift down together was jarring to see.

Now whilst the repeated lines and fourth wall breaking of having the director's instructions stay in the final take may have seen a bit meta to your team, for me as a viewer it moved the film from entertaining z-grade to frustrating. Z-grade was indeed a genre in 2017 but unless it was by accident then bloopers would be best left until after the credits to generate audience engagement. It honestly didn't even make sense as to why they were there given they were done deliberately. Why was the video game a film set? I feel that the fact I am so confused about the film shows some of the issue with taking this approach.

I get what you were trying to achieve with your overall arc, by having it be a film within a film...within a film. I think. Or game within a film within a film. Or do I? My head is spinning. But not in a good way because the INCEPTION attempt of trying to layer the film so heavily.

The actor who portrayed the Diddler was strangely entertaining I'll admit, the costume of the 'old man' quirky and fun and I appreciate the charm you were going for in trying to emulate shows like the 1960s Batman, I just think that the clear storyline you needed got lost in translation. The writeup in the screening room details the threat of chaos and yet I felt no dramatic urgency.

You probably think I'm being a dick with all this negativity. The thing is, I actually absolutely love strange and bizarre films in this comp, and even better when teams rise up without a budget purely on talent. Obviously you know your retro hero history, so just a clearer more concise storyline in future will help immensely.

Story: 1/5
Technical: 1/5
Elements: 2/5
Overall: 1/5

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