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The Hitchhiker

by Blink Blue Media

An eerie hitchhiker asks for a midnight ride again in the middle of the nowhere. A helpful couple stops to give him a ride.


First of all, yikes at using drunk driving as comedy even if a throwaway line. Not cool.

Blink Blue Media went down the mysterious stranger as hitchhiker route, and nicely subverted audience expectations with many tonal beats that seemed like they were made to match the 1986 cult classic THE HITCHER, only to present things completely differently.

Things even got into meta-commentary at times, with the hitchhiker recording that he did not know what was real at the same sort of time that the events unfolding on screen were blurring a dreamlike line between reality for viewers as well.

I think the script was the strongest aspect of the film, which was important given it was largely driven by dialogue. Performances were decent in particular by the titular hitchhiker who carried an air of mystery to himself throughout proceedings. I genuinely liked how open ended it was as well.

What threw me a little bit was the conclusion, which seemed like it was trying to create an arc that would make us reevaluate prior events, but honestly was a little predictable.

Technically the film had some fantastic cinematography, at times, and then other moments where the lighting got away from the team. Audio was good though.

Story: 3/5
Technical: 2.5/5
Elements: 2.5/5
Overall: 2.5/5

Thanks for your feedback mate. Much appreciated as a first time film maker. Will certainly take on board the comments positively and aspire to do better in future. Tena koe. PS: Loved all your reviews thus far btw. Huge moral boost to all us aspiring filmmakers.

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