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Ribena Tree

by Ramen Media


Now here's a film I have been aching to turn up in the screening room, because it was one of my absolutely favourites in the whole competition this year, and honestly I feel a strong darkhorse to make the national film. Seriously touching subject matter about learning to accept and love yourself, Rame Media you hit me right in the feels.

Firstly, EXCEPTIONAL performance by your lead actor, who is considering an upgrade from the slightly sinister and most definitely superficial Alexa Cybernetics, who can help with creaking bones, aching muscles, physical disabilities or if you just want to become 30cm taller. Said actor was stoic, charismatic, introspective and assured when they develop a friendship with a young man in the waiting room. It appeared that they actually had a physical disability with their arm and I loved the way you took a slightly meta approach to make something so uplifting.

In terms of further praise, your music score was an absolutely perfect fit for the subject matter. I forgot to note whether it was an original composition or stock, but whoever edited made every note a winner. The heartbeat was also so well placed it was one of the very few I made a note of in my review book about.

There were a couple of minor misses for me. It sounded early on like fake American accents were being used for the technology company (please forgive me if they were genuine), and technically whilst the job got done very well, it was a little flat in terms of cinematography particularly in terms of backgrounds whereas a slightly stronger depth of focus would have elevated the film even further. However that was balanced out by the fact that we were able to concentrate our attention 100% on the actors who were so fantastic.

Story: 5/5
Technical: 3/5
Elements: 5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

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