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Anti Facts

by Butterfly Hill Productions


I do appreciate that even after the 48 Hours Lockdown competition took covid-19 jokes by the scruff of the horn, shook them out until there was nothing left and then flogged the dead horse dozens of times there were still plenty of teams in 2021 who didn't give a hoot and went mad with covid/vax jokes in this year's competition. And hey, if your film is fun then it's fun.

Here our basic plotline was a pisstake house party where a vaccinated doctor starts having adverse symptoms, with flat earth and Gill Bates jokes thrown around left right and centre.

Strong performances, nice editing and the film looked and sounded great with particularly well done music. But that lack of originality was a bit killer for me.

Story: 2/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 2/5
Overall: 2/5

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