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Bad Eggs

by Toowit Toowoo

We really like sea shanties, so we wrote one.


Egg-cellent animation here, as a band of hard boiled pirates sing shanties about how they live their swashbuckling lives aboard a pirate ship on the seven seas. There was some beautiful lighting, and the editing and moving faces of the egg pirates matched really well with the music, with each one given a visibly unique portrait, but for mine the story could have used a little bit more development.

We were gifted with brief snippets of treasure, monster, and plundering yolks of folks who these bucaneers didn't like, yet these golden moments were in passing. Yes it created a sense of world building, and the idea of the whole world being inhabited by humanoid eggs piqued my interest, but it was all over just a bit too quickly.

Story: 2/5
Technical: 4/5
Elements: 2.5/5
Overall: 3/5

I tuned in specifically to see what Toowit Toowoo would produce this year, as I always love their shorts and we animators gotta have each others' backs :) They did not disappoint! I was following your posts over the weekend and saw you post the small ocean snippet at the 24-hour mark #theanimationstruggleisreal!

But it was so worth it, I love love love how the animation on the ocean looked, and I'm a big fan of a musical as you know so love that you took on the sea shanty challenge. The eggs were great, and as steelpotato said the mouth movements were great.

It was the same for me though--I just wanted more! Which I know is just a time constraints thing given 48 hours, so not really a critique. I just enjoyed watching and wasn't ready for it to end yet. Fantastic effort, and really inspiring!

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