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Achy Breaky Hero

by Bonne nuit, mon chat

A tough but emotional ex-Superhero and his clever side kick Ritchie, embark on a journey to take back a stolen treasure...


There's a lot riding on your shoulders when you are the first film to play in the first heat across all of NZ! But kicking things off this year with a cheeky charming puppet superhero film was a great way to start proceedings.

Good voice work here across the range of characters in the film, and there were some tellingly truthful messages here that a real hero does not use their powers to do bad things.

Quite a detailed script giving the characters depth to be honest, comparing and contrasting one with a broken heart and others who are casual and have moved on with their lives. I like how you kept everything grounded in reality, albeit with animal puppets.

Visually really appealing, and whilst you worked with what you had I think the lack of mouths on the characters was the minor detail that did create slight issues for me. This was because every time there were 2+ characters in shot, even though the voice work was good, it made it a tad confusing to follow due to one person doing all the voice work.

But on that note I'm incredibly impressed this was a 1 person school entry. Well done and please come back next year and keep making films!

Story: 3/5
Technical: 2.5/5
Elements: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

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