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by Boogie


Covering an Average Superhoeroes support group, Boogie did their best with 'Talk' to showcase as many uninspiring heroes as possible within their allocated 5 minute runtime. This included a teleporting hero, one with the power to turn things invsible and yet another who was granted a gift following the bedding of a superwoman.

I have no issue with crude humour and it was the order of the day here, with sexual innuendo, and jokes about anal attacks being the origin story at times. What was a bit jarring however was the sound, which peaked up and down for me quite a bit. I'm always loathe to criticise sound though based on my home theatre playback as it may just be me, but there was a point in the film where perhaps 5 characters were arguing at once that I would struggle to describe as anything other than a cacophony. It was probably done with humour in mind, but it did make me grit my teeth sorry.

I also get that locations are hard to find in 48 Hours, but the group meeting hall did come across as plain, especially when matched with the theoretical dynamism of the superheroes. But that was probably the point given they were 'Average' Superheroes. However, going with a support group for the most part also meant that most of the film was just sitting around and talking.

Apologies for the negativity. As I mentioned earlier I liked your crude humour and there was some decent scriptwork in here not to mention a couple of minor but effective pieces of vfx work.

I personally thought the concluding gag was a miss, but appreciate it will be a funny finale for others depending on your sense of humour.

Story: 2/5
Technical: 2/5
Elements: 3/5
Overall: 2/5

A film which I think may have landed a little better 5-10 years ago in the competition, and unfortunately missed the mark for me personally here.

Firstly committing one of the cardinal sins of 48Hours: Making a rehab center/support group movie (and I can say this because I also made a support group movie once back when I was competing, and everyone hated it and I wanted to die). I wonder what it is about this idea that means it keeps showing up and consistently underwhelms - perhaps it's just a very convenient way to showcase many different personalities and ideas, especially within the more pulpy genres (my support group film was a time travel movie and more or less had the same strategy of using this format to establish several different characters from several different time eras).

Personally, I felt the humour was a little too crass in some areas - classic stuff from pre 2010 48Hours here like one of the few women characters being bullied, a male character lavishly describing one of his sexual experiences, and most dated of all, the first sodomy joke I've seen in the competition in years! Wasn't a fan of this joke gang - I found it super problematic and unnecessary,

Lastly, as Steelpotato noted, the audio here was bananas, if you are gonna film in a big wide empty space like a hall then you really need to get audio right, because all the characters yelling at the same time in this film echoed to corners of my ear canals I didn't know existed.

Listen, it's not all bad, I enjoyed the visual effects of the teleportation and the fun practical filmmaking of the invisible midas touch guy - great work there.

Things you got right: Looks like you had a lot of fun with your friends, which is ultimately what the competition is all about

Things to work on for next time: audio audio audio. Also maybe consider the subject matter of some of your jokes and whether or not 48Hours is the right audience for it.

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